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Finding new ways to express my art on paper or canvas with paint or printing media is an unending challenge, a bit compulsive and for the most part, rewarding.


When I can allow myself to step back from planning and let the process be intuitive and free is when I feel happiest.  Like many artists my work is always influenced by what's in front of me, lived visual experience and my own artistic preferences.


Acrylics are my favourite medium - for their vibrancy and flexibility.  I tend to paint fast, in lots of layers, so the quick drying time of acrylics works best for me.  Painting at speed keeps my process fluid, expressive and intuitive. This way of painting has evolved over time and gives me results closest to what I "see" in my minds eye.


Colour blending is of particular interest to me, and I change my palette often.  I find intense colours, textural experiments and getting lost in the process really satisfying.  In contrast whenever I feel stuck in my work or in need of more order and certainty I turn to print making, particularly screens & linocut.  The two are very different ways of working but for me complimentary and enabling. 


Anything creative, that keeps my mind fresh and my soul feeling inspired are what matter most in my art and progress.

Thanks for stopping by to look at my work.


'The Yellow Wall'   40cm x 40cm Canvas Board

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